Say Please

Project: Poster Design
Year: 2017 (personal work)

This poster was a submittion for the 3rd International Conference on Semiotics and Visual Communication

The Era of “free the nipple” has come! Socially-accepted norms of self-expression are broaden until their limits. Generation “snapchat” rules the world, by posting, sharing, twitting nearly-pornographic content every day in an extent that is hard to imagine. Women, driven by emancipation and equality, breached the levels of acceptance, and personal exposure has become a part of social media presence for each one of us. Looking at nudity while scrolling through your newsfeed is not shocking anymore.

Pornographic content is pouring from every pop-up, adult industry is flourishing thanks to the web, with 30% of Internet content to be porn. It is a SEXplosion time! What is the “obscene”? What is the “accepted”? What content do we consider to be X-rated?